Friday, January 6, 2012

Movie 2 The Wrath of Khan (Star Trek II)

Roger Ebert

2011 Review by fans:

Video Review: (9:57)

Alternate scene: (1:18)

Alternative (but not used) opening sequence: (6:28)

Here's its redone as a full blown live theatrical performance:
The following appears to be a theatrical production of Wrath of Khan:
Star Trek 2 - Wrath of Khan - 1/7 Annex Theatre Production
for more Trek done live on stage, see

Vic Mignoga (Vic's Vintage Voyages, ) has inserted himself as Kirk in a short:
Khaaaaannnnn!   (1:37)

Blog 207, short films not listed elsewhere  includes 

(L) "Escape of Khan" - Launch of the Botany Bay.  The creator also has a lot of other CGI-only videos. (6:45)  Story is told with captions and CGI.

(AE)  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan done in 60 Seconds: (1:00)

(AF)  30 Second Bunnies:  Bunnies: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: (0:48)

(BM)   Star Trek II, Wrath of Khan, (Newtonian Edition), (2:52).

Here's a video review: (7:00)

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