Thursday, January 19, 2012

Enterprise or Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)

Set 100 years before The Original Series, Enterprise seemed like a bad idea to me, and was executed far worse than I anticipated. They violated the history of the Star Trek universe regularly, and made the overall set-up more like a show set 100 years AFTER Star Trek: The Next Generation than one set earlier than the original Star Trek. I would have enjoyed watching a crew uncertain how to approach a new group of aliens on a new planet. Discovering the Law of Parallel Development. But that wasn't the course they took. They got involved in time issues, which left Spock's assertions that time travel was impossible in the early part of the original Star Trek not just wrong, but insane. And other things they did rendered all the other Star Treks nutty.

Nevertheless, I watched Enterprise, and it had it's charms.

Here are the episodes, year by year:
Enterprise (Season 1)
Enterprise (Season 2)
Enterprise (Season 3)
Star Trek: Enterprise (Season 4)
Enterprise was cancelled after it's forth season due to weak ratings.

An article:
Interview with Anthony Montgomery (13:28)


  1. Hi Barb, it's jimcar, you replied to my newbie comments recently. I was going to try to get a question to you but I think most of what I was looking for is here. I wanted to know all of the star trek shows that are out there. Admittedly, I haven't watched them all. I'm considering buying them all and watching them in chronological order. My question is this, in regards to TOS. Should I try to locate in it's original format ( if that's even possible ), 2 should I buy it digitally remastered or 3, should I buy it in the Blu-ray format? The later will require me to update my drive in my laptop. hmmm, maybe an external player would hook up to my Lenovo. Any thoughts?

    1. James, I am not a expert. I guess I'd buy them in the order they were created, not in the chronological order, in part because Enterprise does not really respect the time line as discussed in the other shows. I personally don't like reruns, and I've watched them all on TV first run (yes, I'm OLD). However, I guess if I were going to buy them, I'd buy them in the best format available... or I'd try to get a deal on used DVDs. One extreme or the other. TOS and the first two seasons of TNG are available in blu-ray, and they will begin releasing ENT in blu-ray soon. Amazon usually has pretty good prices on this, but since I don't buy them, don't swear by me. I'm primarily a fan film person. While I hope to add links to reviews of Pro Trek from this website some day, and I also would hope to link Fan Trek to their sources in Pro Trek, that's an ambition I may never fulfil. Whatever you do, know that TOS was an original, and that the first two seasons of TNG are by far the weakest of the seven years it was on TV. DS9 is probably the most different of the shows. Each has their charm for me.


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