Monday, January 16, 2012

Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)

This series continued for seven years. It started the season after Star Trek: The Next Generation concluded, but happens simultaneously with some of the Next Generation movies.

I sometimes refer to it as "Girl Trek" since both the commanding officer and the chief engineer are women. Both positions are held by women in no other Star Trek.

Given the large number of Irish characters and themes, it could also be called, "Irish Trek."

The series strands a small Federation vessel which is not usually equipped for long distance exploration or battle with half it's own crew and half the crew of a damaged rebel ship at the far end of the galaxy, where it has neither home nor provisions, and no apparent way home.

Here are a list of the episodes, year by year, in order:
Star Trek Voyager (Season 1)
Star Trek Voyager (Season 2)
Star Trek Voyager (Season 3)
Star Trek Voyager (Season 4)
Star Trek Voyager (Season 5)
Star Trek Voyager (Season 6)
Star Trek Voyager (Season 7)

Major Guest appearances:
King Adullah of Jordan appeared in the background when he was a prince:

This website claims to offer this series for free online (I haven't checked):

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