Thursday, January 19, 2012

Star Trek on Television.

There were six television series set in the Star Trek future with a 7th show which will be only available as part of a paid service, CBS All Access, online:

Star Trek (TOS)

Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)
Enterprise or Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)
Star Trek: Discovery(DIS)

The official Star Trek website now claims that it offers full episodes from all of the TV Series shows for online streaming: .   The shows are also all available for purchase on DVD.  Some of these shows are almost always available in syndication over the air or on cable TV as well, and many libraries have some or all of them which can be borrowed, usually for free or a very small charge.

This website reviews all five live television shows, show by show, season by season:
Jammers Reviews

The Smithsonian Institution's The Real Story - Star Trek (47:06)
Here's a podcast going through the series (starting with TOS and TAS).

Somebody has tried to make a full chronological list of all professional Star Trek Stories on Wikipedia:

The Calgary Public Library claims to have every TV show and the first 10 movies available for viewing:

This website has select scripts and 'bibles' for the live action shows (all but TAS):

These are ongoing Trek podcasts that discuss Star Trek, episode by episode:

These discuss specific topic, series, or episodes:

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