Friday, January 6, 2012

Movie 12 Star Trek Into Darkness

To be released May, 2013.

Trailer: (2:11)
Teaser: (1:06)

This is a remake of "Space Seed/Wrath of Khan" with the new cast in an altered situation in the new universe.  Think "Wrath of Khan" meets "The Empire Strikes Back."... complete with the apparent death of Hans Solo at the end.  But unlike TWOK and ESB, the character is brought back to life in THIS movie.

Here is a collection of information about it:

Backstage shots and deleted scenes: (1:21:41)

New York Daily News:
Star Tribune Minneapolis, Minnesota)
New York Times, A.O. Scott
Trekmovie overview of reviews:
The Oh Tray
DeFlip Side Film Reviews
What Culture? .com
Everything Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness in Seven Minutes or Less: (8:21)
Wrath of Khan director shares his thoughts

This analysis includes the prior J.J. Abrams movie, Star Trek:

Cracked says it is a "Truther" commentary on 9/11/2001, vis:

Fan films and remakes:
Escape of Kahn: Launch of the Botany Bay: (6:45)
How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended (3:45)

Odds and Ends: Benedict Cumberbatch visits Sesame Street (2:22)

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